FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Q.What time is check-in?

Q.What time is check-out ?

Q. I will Check-in late. My flight has been delayed,and I will arrive at your hotel around 10 pm. Is that OK ? What time can I check in?

A. No problem. 

It is possible to check-in until  Midnight.( 0 AM)

A front  door is locked after Midnight.

If it is past Midnight. the intercom will The corresponding.

Q. Would you keep my baggage until check-in time?

A. Sure.

Q. Would you keep my baggage after checking out?

A.  Sure.
It is possible only today.

Q. I don't know how to use the air conditioner.

A. Please see here for deatails.

Q. Do you have a humidifier?

A.  Please see here for details.

Q. Where is the hair dryer ?

A. Please see here for details.

The ceiling lights on the desk do not disappear. Where do I turn it off?

A. Please see here for details.

breakfast infomaition

A. Please see here for details.