FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Q. What is the time of check-in and out?

A. You can check in anytime after 3pm and
     should check out anytime before 10am.


Q. What time is the latest for checking in?

A. Our usual check-in time is until 12am and the entrance door is locked at midnight.
    For late check-in after midnight, please kindly contact us in advance
    and call the staff through the intercom on your arrival.


Q. Can I store my luggage before I check in?

A. You can leave your luggage with us free of charge before checking in
    on the day you check in.

Q. Can I leave my luggage at the reception after checking out?

A. You can leave your luggage with us free of charge after you check out  
    just on your check-out day.
    Also we can keep it for you if you are due to stay here again in 2~3 days.

Q. Will any deposit or payment be required when checking in?

A. The room must be fully paid for upon check-in.

Q. Can electronic payments be accepted?

A. We do not accept any electronic payments.

Q. Are there non-smoking rooms available?

A. All the guestrooms are non-smoking.

Q. Is Internet access available in the room?

A.There are free wireless/wired Internet access available in each room.

Q. Are non-registered guests such as family, friends allowed to be in the room?

A. Any persons other than registered guests are strictly prohibited from
    staying in the room.
    Please use the lobby for meeting and socializing.

Q. Can check-out time be extended?

A. Subject to room availability, it can be extended by 2 hours at most
     with 1000 yen extra per hour.
     Please arrange with the reception.


Q. Is laundry service available?

A. We have coin-operated washing/drying machines available
     on the lobby floor.

Q. Do you have trouser pressers?

A. Yes, it is available on the corridor of each guestroom floor
     (quantities are limited).

Q. I made a prepaid reservation online, can I have the receipt at the hotel?

A. The receipts for prepayments cannot be issued at the hotel.
    Please check your reservation website.

Q. How can I use the air-conditioner/heater?

  A. You can adjust the room temperature with
      the remote control.

      Please see here for details.

Q. Do you have humidifiers?

 A.There is an air purifier with humidifier available in each room.
     Please see here for details.


Q. Where is the hair dryer available?

 A.It is available in a black pouch on the top shelf under
    the writing desk.

    Please see here for details.

Q. Where is the switch for ceiling light above the writing desk?

A.It is by the LAN cable outlet on the desk.
   Please see here for details.


Q. How can I use house phone?

A.Please just push the following numbers:
   Reception: 111
   Guestroom: the room number(3 or 4 digits)
   Please note that outside calls cannot be made and received.


Q. Do you have wake-up call service available?

A.No service available. You can use the alarm clock beside
   the bed.
   Please see here for details.


Q. How can I use the remote control for the television?

A. Please see here for details.

Q. Do you offer breakfast?

  A. Yes, breakfast (Japanese/Western style buffet) is served from 7am~9:30am at the restaurant in front of the elevators on the lobby floor.
     Guests can buy the tickets at the reception.
          Advance ticket(by 1 day before your meal): 800yen/person  
Same-day ticket: 1000yen/person
         ※free of charge for children 6 years and younger